Modular Sterile have been producing controlled environments for over 15 years Producing cleanroom facilities that will meet requirements and budgets We offer a full package of services that enables our facilities to conform and comply to ISO 14644-1 GMP FDA & MHRA standards for sterile manufacture .
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Ceiling Works

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We can
provide 3 main types of Ceiling Works

Lay-in Metal Ceilings, Walk-on Ceilings, Spring Tee Metal Ceilings
Non-combustible core options available. Various panel finishes i.e. Steel, Aluminium, Stainless steel, PVC, etc. Integrated aluminium covings.

Lay-in Metal Ceilings

Where there is no space to walk above the ceiling, and easy access is required from below, lay-in grid ceilings are an effective and low cost solution. They provide a smooth finish with ceiling tiles which are clipped into place. Allowing full access to all services in the ceiling through an access panel (or access panels) which can be accommodated as frequently as you require them, or as many as the space will allow.  We can accommodate bottom access light fixtures and a wide selection of HEPA diffusers and HVAC grilles. Also, we can integrate acoustic panels where required.

Walk-on Modular Ceilings

We offer a large selection walk-on ceiling systems which include non-combustible core options of Honeycomb or Rockwool. Choose from panel surface finishes including PET, uPVC, polyester lacquer, HPL and stainless steel. The Standard panel dimensions are 1200mm x 3000mm however, if you require longer panels we can provide these. The thickness of panels start from 50mm for 1.5kN/m² loading to 75mm for 2.5Kn/m² loading.  A standard feature of our panel systems are integrated cableways which allow a much freer walking surface in the interstitial space. We have non combustible core solutions available, and a number of panel finishes.

Spring Tee Metal Ceilings

Sprint Tee Metal Ceilings are a concealed suspension system made from galvanised steel sections. They are designed to support metal pan tiles in which the sides of the panel are gripped by the spring action of the system. Here at Modular Sterile Developments, we can supply a complete range of accessories for the sections including: Half Spring Tee or Painted Channels for edge detail applications, together with Suspension Brackets, Channel Clips, Wedges, Hanger Angle and Spring Tee Connectors.

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We are proud to offer our clients bespoke modular cleanroom services. We have a proven track record in building custom cleanrooms across a range of industries

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Mechanical Services

We offer a full HVAC service that embraces cleanroom design, including Design & Consultation, Controls, Fire Safety, Particle Monitoring, BMS Systems, and more!

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Electrical Services

We have our own in-house team of NIC/ECA approved electrical design and installation engineers working with our own construction and design teams to offer turnkey solutions.

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Process Equipment

We offer certified quality products which will meet your requirements and help to make your production processes run even more efficiently.